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Pine Mountain Estates is located next to the South Mountain State Park

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Thank you for visiting Pine Mountain Estates, NC website.  We have a lot to offer visitors, residents and future landowners. 

First and foremost we are located in one of God's most beautiful areas - every day, no matter the weather, you know you have escaped the chaos of concrete jungles (cities) with higher heat, sirens, horns honking, etc.

Golf Course:  We have one of the most uniquely challenging golf courses in the area.  Our prices can't be beat!  We welcome individuals, pairs and groups to participate in a day out on the course, tournaments, special event(s) and more.  Please give our Club House a call if you have any questions or wish to schedule a tee time.  To stay current on all things Pine Mountain Golf -- Join our Facebook page by "Liking" Us or sign up to receive our Pine Mountain Golf informative e-Newsletters.

POA (Pine Mountain Property Owners Association) Information:  News and information (communication) is key to any organization.  Our POA Newsletter is a product of contributions from many of the residents, here on the mountain.  Produced quarterly, the POA Newsletter contains a seasonal variety of news, updates and all around general information about us and our surrounding area.  If you're looking for any of the back copies (only goes to 2015), please visit our POA Office page and look for "POA Newsletter" in the right column.  You can also sign up for our Pine Mountain News e-Newsletter for time sensitive information that cannot wait for the next quarterly Newsletter.  For details concerning our Pine Mountain POA Board of Directors and Committees, please visit PineMountainNews.com.

POA Facebook Group:  A new and exciting way to get information out immediately to residents and homeowners.  The POA Facebook Group page is only visible to members of the North Carolina Pine Mountain Estates.  Here we announce parties, invitations, member only events, neighbor helping neighbor information and approved POA Board of Directors decisions.  If you are a Pine Mountain Estates, NC member and wish to sign up - click here.

Pavilion:  Thinking about having an outdoor event, a party and/or gatherings?  Contact the POA Office to schedule your event.

Trails:  One of the biggest advantages of living within Pine Mountain, NC is that fact we're surrounded by nature.  With South Mountains State Park next door - you'd be correct to thinking we live in the wildlands.  To view the great wonder of where we live, a walk or bike ride down one of our trails will give you a sence of wonder and beauty no city could provide.

Firewise Communities/USA -New Firewise Committee:  The Firewise Communities/USA Recognition Program is a process that empowers neighbors to work together in reducing their wildfire risk.  There are more than 950 recognized Firewise communities taking action and ownership in preparing and protecting their homes against the threat of wildfires.

Natural Disasters can occur anywhere at anytime.  The key to an individual, family and pet's safety is having a plan -- a Disaster Preparedness Plan!  The Red Cross states there are nearly 64,000 disasters yearly and 90% of those are home fires.  According to FEMA, in 2014 fires were the cause of 3,430 deaths and 15,775 injuries across the United States.  In November 2016, our neighboring park, South Mountain State Park a wildfire broke out and consumed over 6,000 acres - the residents, home and landowners of Pine Mountain were all on alert status to evacuate at a moment's notice.  We hope and pray our homes, friends and neighbors do not have to face this again, but you must be ready in case it does.  Please review all the information provided to keep your family and love ones safe.

NCGS 7A-38.3F (j)  Association Duty to Notify.  Each association shall, in writing, notify the members of the association each year that they may initiate mediation under this section to try to resolve a dispute with the association. The association shall publish the notice required in this subsection on the association's Web site; but if the association does not have a Web site, the association shall publish the notice at the same time and in the same manner as the names and addresses of all officers and board members of the association are published as provided in G.S. 47C-3-103 and G.S. 47F-3-103.  (2013-127, s. 1.)  {To view all of NCGS 7A - click here - remember to use the 'back' button to return to the website.}

Golf Course


Pine Mountain Golf Course is a challenging 18 hole, par 68.  Challenges like no other in the area.  Special "Play all Day" rates, special events and senior discounts.   Open All Year Round - Weather permitting.  Call for hours.

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Golf Schedule


It's Here!  The 2019 Calendar of Events for the Pine Mountain Golf Course!!

We have a few openings left -- and if you're interested in sponsoring one or two events -- Call:  828-433-4950  Golf Course office and let them know.

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Membership News


Stay up to date with all the fun and activities of Pine Mountain Golf - through our eNewsletter, "Like" Us on Facebook and more...

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About Pine Mountain

Pine Mountain POA is next door to NC's South Mountain State Park and centrally located to Hickory, Valdese and Morganton NC in an area that is away from the hassle and bustle of a chaotic city life.

Traffic jams consist of 3 or more cars or one tractor.  ;)

Your biggest feat is to convince your GPS that there is no such thing as a straight road.

Come join the fun.


Beautiful Mountain Ridges

Local Surrounding Areas

Back to Nature

Friendly down-home folks!

South Mountains State Park

Events for all ages.

Mountain Advantages

1 Mountain smells zap stress and promote sleep. Not only does the fresh air on mountain tops mean less pollution, fewer cases of acute respiratory symptoms and easier breathing for those with asthma has its perks.

2 Research shows mountains may even help you live longer. Yes, living on or among mountains can actually have an impact on your life span - Huff post Healthy Living.

3 It also lowers the risk of heart disease. Those who live at a higher altitude also have a lower risk of dying from ischemic heart disease, according to the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health research.

Our News

  • Pine Mountain Golf:

    Pine Mountain Golf Course has been considered/classified as a challenging 18 hole, par 68 course.

    Call First to Schedule Your Tee Time!!!  (828) 433-4950.

    We have Annual Memberships, Weekday All-Day Rates; Weekend & Holiday Rates.  All extremely affordable - Click Here!

    Updated: 2.16.19
  • 2019 golf CALENDAR:

    As with the end of each year and the beginning of the next, it's time to review scheduling. 

    The Pine Mountain Golf Course currently has 5 Tournaments scheduled throughout the 2019 year.  Click here for more info.

    We have:  Spring/Easter; Member + Guest - A 2 Man Team; First Responders; 5th Annual Halloween Open and our 5th Annual Toys for Tots events.  We have sponsors for some, but not for all.  If you, your business, group or organization would be interested in sponsoring a Pine Mountain Golf Tournament, please call:  828-433-4950.  Thank you!

    Updated: 2.8.17
  • pine Mountain Real estate:

    If you're looking for a home away from home, a weekend get away, a vacation home or your dream home, consider leaving the city and head towards the mountains for a stress free way of life, see our Real Estate page. 

    Pine Mountain Estates has a limited number of homes and lots available to make your own.  Call either our Office for a listing of available valuable real estate... (828) 437-4894.

    Updated: 2.13.17

    Country Living:

    After living in the city for years on end, it was amazing how peaceful, laid back, friendly and extremely comfortable county living became.

    Sounds of sirens were replaced with sounds of nature; starlit evening skies replaced harsh street lights and sunrises and sunsets paint an array of color over our green valleys and majestic mountain ranges.

    Updated: 8.03.15

Golf Course, Lovely Homes, Surrounding Area & Preparation...


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