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Application - Public Utility:

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  • Financial Statement:  On both issues to have a separate set of financial books and bank account to monitor and control the Pine Mountain Utility Business, the Board voted yes to both these issues.  The results can be seen in the meeting held on June 23, 2018.  Based on the extent of how much of the necessary costs is incorporated within the Pine Mountain Assessment and Dues system, this is a factor we would like to work with the Public Staff on determining at a later date.
  • Revenues and Expenses:
    • 4.  Residential Services (flat rate) - Financial Budget report that reported funds received for Water (pink) and Sewer (yellow) for FY 2017-2018, page 1.  The funds that were billed, according our our FY2016-2017 actually equated to:  $$29,428.20
    • 7.  Nonresidential service (metered rate) - During FY 2016-2017 only the Lodge/Motel were being billed meter rate.  Fred & Vonis Waugh
    • 10.  Total Salaries (except owner)
    • 12.  Administrative & Office Expenses:  Page 2 of FY 2016-2017 - numbers are highlighted in orange.
    • 13.  Maintenance and Repair Expenses:  Page 2 of FY 2016-2017 - numbers are highlighted accordingly, for Water (pink) and Sewer (yellow).
    • 14.  Transportation Expenses:  Vehicles are paid for, estimation for fuel only.
    • 15.  Electric power for pumping:  Two page electrical document, page 1 shows annual expenses for pumps 1-3 and booster pumps 1-3 only.  Page 2 provides a complete listing of all electrical expenses plus Sewer Plant (last line).
    • 16.  Chemicals for treatment:  Summary of all chemical costs for water and sewer.
    • 17.  Testing Fees:  James & James provide testing services for Pine Mountain on both water and sewer.  This is a daily service Monday through Friday throughout the year.  On the budget report, the highlighted area indicates water (pink), sewer (yellow) and consultation (green) for a total expense of $24,007 annually.
    • 18.  Permit Fees:  Fees are assessed by NC Dept of Environmental Quality Division of Water Resources Public Water Supply Section out of Raleigh.  Pine Mountain's 2016 permit to operate a community public water system serving a population of 475 cost $420 for both water and sewer.  This price was inclusive of both water and sewer. 
    • 20.  The Depreciation Schedule was consolidated by Glenn Cline and submitted in the original draft version of this application as Exhibit E.  These numbers were extracted from the PM POA QuickBooks program.
    • 21-26.  Property Taxes:  From the listing of possible taxes paid, per the Application, only Property and Payroll Taxes are paid.  See the extraction Property Taxes for PM POA and Payroll Taxes for PMPOA.
    • Remarks:  It is important to know and understand - Pine Mountain has created budget assessments on identified areas and charged under the title of Dues/Services to all members.  We also understand that these setting may or will changed depending on future requirements to separate and consolidate all water and sewer costs from general charges.  For this reason - the numbers do not seem to match up and appears we are not meeting our goals of paying a sufficient amount towards both water and sewer.
  • Number of Customers Served:  Information received requires verification.
  • Cost of Utility System:  All costs listed within the application are actual costs from FY 2016-2017.
  • Original Cost of Utility System:  Pine Mountain POA's Water & Sewer Treatment Center, wells, structures, pumping equipment, storage tanks, meters, water/sewer lines, etc. were all installed and paid for by the original developer of Pine Mountain.  PM POA did not endure any costs.
  • Improvements/Additions:  In an inspection report, dated June 15, 2018, from the NC Environmental Quality office - several items have been identified for replacement and repair.  These items are being included into a 5-year plan and placed in a priority sequence.  It is the goal of the current Pine Mountain Board of Directors to complete all requirements in a very timely manner.

Point of Contact:  Wanda Merical, 828-432-9844