Pine Mountain Disaster Planning

This is a complete section designed to help and assist those that live in the Pine Mountain Estates community when faced with a disaster that requires immediate action to save lives, homes and property.   Dark green words are a link for detailed information.  The amount of information available to help you plan for any type of disaster is amazing.  The problem is - most people fly by the seat of their pants when faced in any of these situations.  It's better to have a plan and not need it,  than to not have a plan and need one.   To download a copy of the Pine Mountain Estates Disaster Preparedness Plan, click  here.

The various ways to keep Pine Mountain residents informed of Emergency Situations:  Phonevite (from the POA Office); Pine Mountain Estates Facebook Page (updated by Pine Mountain residents); Smart phone Apps (free):  Foothills Weather Network, Burke County, NC; City of Morganton, NC Government; Burke County Emergency Reporter, local television channels and/or join other Facebook Groups such as: South Mountain State Park, Burke County Sheriff's Office, Foothills Live Police Scanner, Morganton News Herald, Burke County Alerts, and more.

Interesting Fact:  The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) - Farm Service Agency Disaster Assistance Fact Sheet, March 2017

Some of the following links will take you outside the Pine Mountain website, please use the browser's back button (arrow) to return to this page.  In case of an emergency that requires an evacuation, please review Pine Mountain Evacuation Routes.

Be in the Know

1It's vitally important to you and your family to stay on top of all the weather and local conditions that surround you.  Stay informed with local weather and news reports.  Do not hesitate to let others within the community know what's happening around you.

Use the links above & post/watch Pine Mountain's Facebook page.

Have a Plan Ready

2We never wish to find ourselves in a situation that brings us harm or un-safe conditions.  But that doesn't prevent us from setting up a plan that we can execute at a moment's notice, if the need ever arises.  List all family and emergency contacts in one location, so they're easy to find.

Know When to Act

3The last thing we want to do is leave our homes / property too soon or too late.  The key to knowing when to act on a predestined plan is staying informed of the situation around you and giving yourself and your family / pets enough time to get out of the area with time to spare.  It doesn't hurt to do practice runs to determine time limits.

Home / Property Inventory

Most of the time we create an inventory of our property and home when we first move in or out, but while we live in a residence - we purchase things, change things around, make improvements, etc. and we don't necessarily redo our inventories or notify our insurance company.

It's a good idea to review the family's home and property - as a family - once a year, just to make sure it's up-to-date.

Important Documents

We each have filing cabinets, safes, or boxes (plastic or paper) that contain documents / papers.  But where do you keep all your important papers? 

Documents such as Mortgage loan, Home Insurance, Life Insurance, Car Insurance, Health Records, etc. that would be extremely difficult to replace - should be kept in a easy, quick access area.  This will allow you to "grab and go" if you're ever in a hurry.


It's crazy to think that nothing will ever happen in this wonderful location...with great mountain views, beautiful skies, nature all around (trees, birds, deer, bees, bears and so much more).

But Mother Nature is always changing...high winds, tornados, rains, hail, fires and again, so much more - that we need to be careful while enjoying this peaceful wonderful life up here on Pine Mountain.

We love our families, we love our homes and we love our views.  So let's stay safe, be prepared and always have a plan - just in case there's an event that calls for it.  But in the meantime -- Let's have fun living!!!

Did you know:

The Red Cross has a program that will come assess and fortify a homeowners association emergency planning protocols, a representative from the organization will meet with residents and community administrators and educate them on how to prepare by having the right supplies, by being ready to enact the community's plan and by informing themselves before, during and after the emergency.

A full assessment of emergency preparedness plans requires knowing what type of equipment the community has, obtaining evacuation routes and assessing individual resident's special needs in an emergency -- It's about being "Red Cross Ready."