Evacuation Route(s)

The last thing anyone, living anywhere, wants to think about is "How do I get out in case of an emergency?"

We, here on Pine Mountain, NC, only have a couple of routes we can take.  Our choices are Pine Mountain Drive or Pine Ridge Drive.  But how to get there and which route to that exit can be tricky.  When an evacuation announcement is made, you have to make sure you have packed all your essentials (family, pets, emergency kits, extra clothing, some food, valuables, etc.) with only moments -- seconds -- to make a decision "Which route do I take?"

It's imperative that you become extremely familiar with all the roads and routes to know which ones are safe and which ones are not.  The last thing you want to do is just drive, because you could find yourself on a dead-end road...not good.  If you're new to Pine Mountain -- take a few days and just drive around, become familiar with your surroundings, experiment with time, distance and escape plans.  If the time comes when you need it, you'll be ready and you'll be glad you did.

Evacuation Routes for Pine Mountain, NC

Possible Emergencies:

We never want to experience natural disasters or emergencies of any type...but if you're not mentally prepared for the moment a disaster or emergency happens, problems can occur.  Better safe than sorry.


Pine Mountain has been involved with 3 wildfires within the last 20+ years.  The latest one, November 2016, was actually located on South Mountain State Park - just next door.  But the threat was real.  Everyone made plans to evacuate and some moved away during the threat.  While Pine Mountain was saved by the brave firefighters, it was a real wake-up call to always be prepared.  See Wildfires for more detail.

Winter Storms

Luckily, our meteorologists have advanced to the point Winter Storms can be predicted well in advance.  But when you live on a mountain top, steep roads with hairpin curves can be tricky.  Always take threats of winter storms seriously.  See Winter Storms for more detail.


Landslides can also be referred to as: mudslides, debris flows, mudflows or debris avalanches.  If you suspect imminent danger, evacuate immediately.  Your life, your family's life and your pet's life are more important.  See Landslides for additional information.


Thunderstorms can be viewed as beautiful and exciting.  While most of us are just concerned with our computers and other electronic devices, thunderstorms can be associated with tornadoes, strong winds, hail and flash flooding -- all which can cost lives if we're not careful.  See details on what to do in a Thunderstorm.

Additional Information

  • Emergency situations can pop up at any time for any number of reasons.  Home Fire, Flood, Heat Wave, Landslide, Power Outage, Thunderstorms, Wildfires and Winter Storms, just to name a few.

    Create an Emergency Kit for you, your family and your pets.  Have a plan and pray, hope you never need it.  To see what a kit should contain, go to:  Be Prepared..

    Pine Mountain Preparedness Team
  • Individuals who may need additional help and assistance could be someone who has trouble moving quickly, did not hear any announcements, has trouble gathering their own supplies or even help with their kids and pets.  In times of an emergency situation -- it's always best to help out those that need it.  Neighbor helping neighbor.

    Pine Mountain Preparedness Team
  • Stay informed with your local weather conditions, traffic conditions, news and county emergency alert systems.

    With smart phones getting smarter every day, creative individuals have designed "free" apps that will alert you to all your local officials to keep you on top of what's happening locally.

    Pine Mountain Preparedness Team

In Case You Missed It...

You, your family and your pets are more important than anything else.  All items can be replaced - but you can never replace a loved one.

Keep all your identification and insurance policies up-to-date, know all your passwords and key information.  Study your surroundings and help your neighbor.  If ever an emergency plan has to go into effect, you'll be glad you did.