Pine Mountain POA, Inc. Office

Pine Mountain Estates business office is designed around the care and attentiveness for the estate and its residents.  The Pine Mountain Estates office is the gateway to help, assistance and management established by the Property Owners Association board of directors for all guests and residents.


Advertise with Us:  If you own a business or hobby and wish to advertise.  We can offer you a special opportunity...


1.  Advertise on our Golf Course... For a small fee, we will place your business information at one of our 18-hole tee boxes. 


2.  If you're a contractor and would like to be added to our Contracting Service Listing for property owners, contact the Office.

Pine Mountain Estates office provides a wealth of information to all visitors, guests and residents concerning available property, land tracks and family homes for sale.  We will assist any business an opportunity to advertise on any of the 18-hole Pine Mountain Golf Course tee boxes available.  The Pine Mountain Estates office is the cornerstone and welcoming center to the Pine Mountain Estate property.  Anyone seeking help and assistance concerning any information about Pine Mountain - please contact our office manager. 

NEW Office hours are:  Thursday-Friday 10:00am - 2:00pm.  Call anytime, if no one answers, please leave a message.  Someone is normally in the office all week but hours are not set.

To stay up-to-date:  Please review our Quarterly Newsletters, sign up to join our Pine Mountain Estates Facebook Group and our digital Pine Mountain News e-Newsletter.  (If you agree to "follow" the e-Newsletter - you will recieve notifications of updates as they happen.)

Pine Mountain Members Only:  To view all the latest news & reports, receive quarterly gate codes and much much more - go to:  You will be required to enter a password - which can be obtained from the POA Office.

New Members:  Want to find out what to do in and around our local area, Click Local Area.

Real Estate:  Interested in purchasing property on Pine Mountain see what's available either by clicking on Real Estate or contact the POA Office.  If you have a lot/home/townhome for sale and would like to advertise - contact the POA Office to add your info to our listing.

Firewise Community Committee:

During the month of November 2016, Pine Mountain kept a watchful eye on the South Mountain State Park wildfire that consumed over 6,000 acres, this set Pine Mountain residents into action creating a "Firewise" community.  Through the vast efforts of volunteers, Pine Mountain POA, Inc. is now recognized as a firewise USA community by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).  Please review our  Firewise Communities Program that encourages local solutions for safety by involving homeowners in taking individual responsibility for preparing their homes from the risk of a wildfire.  Firewise is co-sponsored by the USDA Forest Service, the US Department of the Interior, and the National Association of State Foresters.

Disaster Preparedness Planning:

While FIREWISE is a community based program, helping educate communities that live in areas susceptible to forest fires, Disaster Preparedness provides individual and families with information on what to do in cases of emergency that involve anything from house fires through natural disasters or Acts of God. 

Please take a moment to review our Disaster Preparedness section to create a plan, make a kit and know what you're supposed to do, so in case you're ever in a situation -- you'll know all the answers.  Be sure to tell your insurance company we have a Disaster Preparedness Plan - it may provide you with a discount.

POA Pavilion:



POA Pavilion

Pine Mountain POA office is announcing our new pavilion, located across from the Office and next to the Golf Course parking lot.

This will be a great asset for everyone!!

  • Golfers now have an area to meet, eat, receive awards, etc. during special events.
  • POA events
  • Residents can schedule for:  family reunions, family Bar-B-Q's, gatherings and much much more.

The pavilion is being built in 3 stages:

  1. Initial construction - roof, support beams and a concrete floor - Completed
  2. Add electricity and water
  3. Add sidewalls to enclose it

For additional information concerning the Pavilion, making reservations or scheduling events, please contact the POA office.

Pine Mountain Property Owner's Facebook Group Page

Attention Pine Mountain Property Owners...we now have our own "Private" Facebook page.  The purpose is to provide a space for "Neighbor helping Neighbor" style system and keep property owners near and far informed.  Information/news will come from board meetings, POA office and fellow residents and land owners.  All Pine Mountain Estate residents and land owners must sign up in order to post or read posts.

This avenue will enable residents and property owners to:

  • Make announcements (weather, road conditions, opening of our new pavilion, dangers or conditions we need to be aware of within the area, etc.) 
  • List items for sale - please add photo
  • Announce open party and/or celebration gatherings
  • Welcome new residents
  • Pass the word on available services: lawn, tree, general contracting, electrical, housekeeping, etc.
  • Feel free to post pictures and share interesting stories.

This Facebook page is a Private Group page and cannot be found through Facebook search. 

Please note:  You must have a Facebook account and sign in to participate.  ;)

To Join:  Click Here

Note:  If you do not wish to join our Facebook Group, please consider our new Pine Mountain News e-Newsletter for important news updates.

POA Governing Documents

As with any HOA/POA we are governed by a series of documents that include By-Laws, Covenants and Restrictions and some, including us have General Guidelines.

FYI:  The following documents are now under review and can be considered out-of-date.

To view these documents, you must have a PDF reader...simply click on the title for the document to open:  (Remember, once you review a document - to return, you must use your browser's back button.)

  1. Pine Mountain Covenants & Restrictions (File name:  Covenants and Restrictions - per Burke Co Courthouse Deeds)
  2. Pine Mountain Articles of Incorporation (File name:  Articles of Incorporation (Sec of State)
  3. Pine Mountain POA, Inc. By-Laws - New, approved February 9, 2019
  4. Pine Mountain General Guidelines
  5. NC GS-47f
  6. NC GS-55A
Guidelines and Policies set by the Board of Directors:
  1. Board of Directors Guidelines
  2. Environmental Control Guidelines
  3. Collections Policy
  4. POA Covenant & Rule Enforcement Policy
  5. Pine Mountain Definitions (still in draft - progress)

If the file name for either the Pine Mountain Covenant and Restrictions or By-Laws is other than listed above, you are not looking at the approved version.

Mission Statement

Pine Mountain POA and Golf Course is dedicated to the safety and well-being of all residents while offering a uniquely challenging, family oriented, golf experience to all guests and members.

Real Estate

Are you interested in finding that perfect home away from home or a new permanent home away from all the hassle of the big city life...look no further!  Call our Pine Mountain Estate Office for information on available lots and homes or visit our Real Estate page.

POA Library

Pine Mountain and the surrounding area has a ton of activities to keep anybody busy, every day.  If you find yourself wishing you had a book to read while you're relaxing -- you don't have to have a library card to check out any of our books.  We only ask you return them once you've read them.

If you wish to donate books to the POA Office, Please call first to make arrangements for drop-off.  Thanks!