Pine Mountain Golf e-Newsletter

Pine Mountain Golf now offers an e-Newsletter to announce Up & Coming Events, Tournament Announcements, Fundraising Events, Promotions, Specials and more.

Our Goal is to provide you with up-to-date information on the golf course conditions... allowing you first hand information when the course is under construction, maintenance upgrades, expected weather conditions, etc.

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Golf Rules:

Call for Tee Time: 


Many times Monday-Friday we can accept walk-ins without a scheduled Tee-Time, but many weekends and holidays are filled with large groups, tournaments, fundraisers and charity golfing events.

 Please call first!


 (828) 433-4950

One of Pine Mountain Golf's major concerns is to ensure each player has a 'great day' playing golf.  The best way to ensure everyone's happiness on the course, everyone is asked to follow some simple golfing rules:

  1. Slower players will let faster players play through
  2. 2-People to a cart, no children driving carts
  3. Replace divots & repair ball marks on the greens
  4. Keep Golf Cards on paths around all trees and greens
  5. No beginner golfers before 2:00 pm on weekends and holidays
  6. No glass bottles allowed on course for safety reasons
  7. Due to increased gas prices, additional riders will be charged a cart fee if an additional cart is required
  8. No groups of 6 are allowed to play together...ever.  Groups of 5 are only allowed with permission from Golf Shop
  9. Have fun - Enjoy your day
  10. Avoid Slow Play -- Play Ready Golf

Special Events

Pine Mountain Golf hosts with sponsors a wide variety of special events throughout the year.

To see what events are coming up, check out our "Special Events" area by clicking here.

On-going Events

Pine Mountain Golf hosts both Dogfight and Night Golf Tourney.

These events only occur at specific times of the year.

To know the rules and dates of events, please click here for more details.

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