Pine Mountain Year Round Golfing Events

Dogfight Schedule

Weekday Dogfight Schedule:

  • Wednesdays:   12:00 Noon
  • Fridays:   1:00 pm

Summer Dogfight Schedule:

  • Saturdays:  9:30 am
  • Sundays:   9:30 am

Winter Dogfight Schedule:

  • Saturdays:  11:00 am
  • Sundays:   11:00 am

Members:  $13.00

Non-Members:  $21.00

Mystery Hole each Dogfight!!!

Call: 828-433-4950 to Sign Up Today!!


Night Golf Tourney

April, May June, July August and September

  • When:  3rd Saturday
  • Time:  8:30 pm
  • Call for Calendar Date

Captain's Choice - 9 holes

  • 4-Man Team:  Teams will be made at the course.
  • Pay-off for winning team/teams

Members:  $17.00

Non Members:  $24:00

Includes 1 (one) Glow in the Dark Golf Ball

Bring Flashlights

Call: 828-433-4950 to Sign Up Today!!



Dogfight Rules/Mystery Hole:


Dogfight Rates:

  • $10 Dogfight, $5 Skins (optional)
  • $1 Mystery Hole (optional
  • Pairings change each time
  • 1st Time "Doggers" pay full price
  • Beginning your 3rd Dogfight round, fee for golf is $23 instead of $25.
  • 1st Time "Doggers" CANNOT get in skins or mystery hole... Only Established.
  • Can be NO MORE than +4 after establishing

Members:  $13.00

Non-Members:  $21.00

Mystery Hole each Dogfight!!!

Call: 828-433-4950 to Sign Up Today!!


Dogfight Point System Revision:

  • Points Remain the Same:  -1, Even, +1
  • Points Go Down: 1 Point; -2 or More
  • Points Go Up:  1/2 of Plus, +2 and Up

Dogfight Mystery Hole

Put up $1 to counter before dogfight begins to participate in the Mystery Hole.

Wednesday & Fridays & Saturdays Skin drawing.

You can participate even if you do not get in skins.  A hole will be drawn after dogfight ends and if a skin is won on the mystery hole by a participant, they will get the pot.

If no one wins the mystery hole skin on that day, Wednesday's pot will be carried over to the next Wednesday & Fridays pot will be carried over to the next Friday and Saturday's pot will be carried over to the next Saturday.

Must be Established

Minimum of 10 Required

Round Must be Completed

Call: 828-433-4950 to Sign Up Today!!






Dogfight Rules:

Allowed to move ball 1 club length in Your Own Fairway (no closer).

Graveyard #2   Cement Pad #3:   FREE DROP within 1 club length of the nearest point of relief (no closer).

OUT OF BOUNDS:  #2 White stakes define O.B. around the entire motel area.  #5 a ball touching, resting on, or right of state road (Ward's Gap Rd) is O.B.  #17 left of white stakes bordering #8 which begins at the Tee Sign #8 to pine tree behind #8 green is O.B.

Creeks are "Lateral Water Hazards":  1 stroke penalty drop within 2 club lengths from spot where ball entered the hazard (no closer).

Ponds are "water hazards" and will play as follows:  1 stroke penalty, drop and play ball from original spot or 1 stroke penalty.  IDENTIFY SPOT where ball entered Hazard.  Keep that spot between you and the flagstick with no limit on how far back you can drop on that line.

Casual Water:  Free Drop, nearest point of relief No Closer within 1 club length.

Ditches:  #1 Free drop nearest closer within 1 club length *EXCEPT* the ditch left of green marked by red stakes will play "Lateral Hazard."  1 stroke penalty within 2 club lengths.

Ditch:  Right #4 will NO longer be played as hazard.  Either play ball as it lies or take "UNPLAYABLE LIE."  1 stroke penalty within 2 club lengths (no closer).

Hole #10:  Any ball coming to rest inside the left tree line may be moved to the nearest "Fairway Grass" (no closer).

No children riders allowed during dogfights.  Welcome to bring children at less busy times.  Also, players bringing riders (wives/girlfriends or "Designated Drivers") will be responsible for additional cart fees if we cannot accommodate you in a 3-some/5-some.  Dogfights were designed for players only.

"Mystery Hole" will now be "active" with 10 players instead of 12.  So Be Aware!!!

Irrigation Boxes/Shrubs:  there is no relief from shrubs.  If ball comes to rest against waterbox or if waterbox is in stance or swing, you may get relief of stance and 1 club length (no closer) No Penalty.

Free Drop from Cart Paths, Railroad Ties:  1 club length nearest relief (no closer).

Must call at least 30 minutes before dogfight time to enter.

Please keep carts on path around tee boxes and greens!

Rules apply to all dogfighters:  Employees, Members & Non-Members.

Let's Play Golf!


Tournaments are a great way to set up a little competition amongst friends, colleagues, businesses, etc.  Nothing like a friendly game of golf to get the fun started - the more the merrier.  Call today to find out how you can set up a tournament to raise money or just have a bit of fun - or both.

Call and sign up Today(828) 433-4950

Annual Memberships:

Because of our location, tucked away amongst the mountains, we have a great opportunity to be Open All Year!  Thus allowing all our Members and guests to never miss out on playing a round. 

Membership prices are divided into:  Individuals, Families, Seniors (60+) and Senior Families.

Annual Membership Year:  April 1st - March 31st.  (Annual Fees are pro-rated.)

For detailed Membership Information, see our Membership page.

Call and sign up Today(828) 433-4950

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