Pine Mountain & South Mountains Trails

Pine Mountain White Oak Trail

Pine Mountain White Oak Trail starts at the bottom of Randy Road, continues along the creek, and intersects Pine Mountain Drive just past the S-curves.  The easy to moderate trail is approximately 2-miles long with numerous crossings of White Oak Creek.

 Elevation changes are gradual with about 400-feet of elevation drop from the West to the East.

Some stepping stones are placed at water crossings, but the ease of crossing depends on water flow.

Water resistant shoes are recommended.

This trail is best enjoyed year round.

Being in a valley with a flowing creek is cooler in the heat of the Summer months and sheltered from the wind in the Winter.

The trail is perfect for hiking, mountain biking, horeback riding and four-wheelers. 

Please be considerate and respectful to other members that enjoy using the trail.

White Oak Trail

South Mountains State Park Trails

Pine Mountain and South Mountains State Park intertwine with trails, rivers, trees great views and more.  If you're one to talk, bike or hike nature trails - Pine Mountain and South Mountains State Park are the remnants of the much larger Appalachian Mountains separated by the Catawba River valley.

The Range covers approximately 100,000-acres in four North Carolina counties.  To get a glimpse of the trails available within South Mountains State Park, click Trails.