Pine Mountain Water Resources

Pine Mountain Estates' water system is monitored daily by James & James Environmental Management Inc.  Reports are then provided to the POA Office and distributed to all residents on an annual basis during the month of July.  If you have not received your copy of the annual water report, please contact the office or check below.  To view James & James Environmental Management, Inc. Water and Waste Water Services brochure for more information about their company, please click here.


Federal & State Guidelines

Pine Mountain's Annual Water Reports:

The EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency) has provided everyone with a copy of "Best Practices Factsheet:  Consumer Confidence Report."  The Annual Water Quality Report is also called a Consumer Confidence Report (CCR).  Inside the CCR is a variety of important information about your Community Water System (CWS) including the drinking water source, any monitored contaiminants found in the drinking water and whether a CWS meets state and federal drinking water standards.  Use EPA's Factsheet while reviewing your annual Water report for better understanding.

Additional Info

Things to Consider

We all like to think that if we haven't heard anything about something, then it's good news, right?  Well, not always the case.  It is up to each one of us to insure we are informed of what's happening around us, how things are handled and our local water report -- all to verify things are going as planned or as we expected them to.

It is vitally important to make sure you have adequate water pressure, your water lines are ok and all water tests show we are all safe.  Your health depends on it.

Recent Tower News

During the past few years there has been a lot of talk about how the "Leaning Tower" is in dire need of repair.  The extent and cost of those repairs have not been discussed throughly with the Pine Mountain Board of Directors.  As soon as information about the Leaning Tower is available - info will be posed on the Pine Mountain Facebook page.

Pine Mountain POA received a letter from the NC Water Resources Environmental Quality office stating:

"...the water system appears to be well maintained and operated and all monitoring requirements are up to date.  Based  on the sanitary survey (conducted just prior to August 2016), the following items were noted:

  1. The leaning storage tank appears to be in poor condition and needs to be replaced.  We understand the POA is actively working to replace the tank.  If it is not going to be replaced in the immediate future, maintenance work such as cleaning, sandblasting and painting should be completed.
  2. The sampling location for your monthly bacteria sample should vary among the sites selected on your sampling plan so that your monitoring represents the water quality throughout the distribution system.